Summer Fellowship Program Research Paper Topics, 2005-2015


Carlsen, Kayla: “Corpses in the Parlor to Corpses in the Cooler: A Cultural Paradigm Shift”

Gomer, Allison: “The Deerfield Improvement Society: ‘Promoting the Social, Moral, and Intellectual Improvement of Deerfield, Massachusetts’”

Jones, Sarah:  “Artificial Lighting in Deerfield, 1800-1840”

Kutz, Kimberly: “The Spiritualist Movement at Lake Pleasant, Montague, Massachusetts”

Nissen, Aleesha: “‘Grossly, wantonly, and severely neglected’: Separation and Divorce in Franklin County, 1825-1845”

Pine, Kylie: “‘As Active Friends in this cause, my brethren, we are allowed of God to claim kindred with the Angels above!’: A History of Missionary Societies of Deerfield, Massachusetts and the Second Great Awakening”


Balch, Allison:   “The Evolution of Apple Cultivation in 19th Century Deerfield, Massachusetts”

Crawford, Katelyn: “C. Alice Baker’s Pewter Collection and its 1916 Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston”

Lewis, Brittany:  An 18th-century silk gown with a history of ownership in Springfield, MA

Ludke, Kyle:  A late 18th-century Hampshire county blockfront chest-on-frame

Magolan, Valerie: Dr. Thomas Williams’s House, Deerfield

Miller, Amy:      The slaves of Rev. Stephen Williams, Longmeadow 

Yai, Youme:       The history of counterfeiting in early Hampshire county


Colman, Benjamin: “Rethinking the New England Frontier: Deerfield in the Era of the Glorious Revolution”

Jacobs, Adam:   “‘Misfortune is the Common Lot of All Man’: Poverty in Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1815-1830”

Jodon, Michelle: “‘What a ray of sunshine and joy she has been to him’: Father-Daughter Relationships in the Letters of William and Edith Barnard”

MacLeod, Jessie: “‘Never lose a good thought.  Place it in your scrapbook’: Preservation and Self-Definition in Women’s Scrapbooks”

Miller, Brittany:  “Make a Joyful Noise: Singing, Dancing and the Music of Deerfield”

Nelson, Rebecca: “‘A Day Full of Meaning’: The 150th Anniversary Pageant at Deerfield Academy”

Wright, Rebecca:  “Every House Has a Story to Tell, But How Do We Tell It? An Exhibit on Change through Time in the Wells-Thorn House”


Belkin, Erica: “‘Thy Will Be Done’: One Woman’s Experience of Living with Tuberculosis in 19th-Century Massachusetts”

Coyne, Caitlin: “Republican Women: Finding Agency from within the Domestic Sphere”

Gordon, Nicolas: “Understanding a Seventeenth-Century Algonkian Ball-headed War Club”

Drake, Amy: "'There was Never a Jack Without a Jill, and Some Jacks Had Several Gills': Elihu Ashley and the Pursuit of Masculinity through Courtship in Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1773-1775"

Joyce, Horatio: “The Incorporation of Architectural Fragments in the Houses of Historic Deerfield”

McBride, Anne: “Textile Dyeing in Deerfield, Massachusetts: The Account Book & Patrons of Justin Hithcock”

Wolfe, CharlotteL “Spices and the Spice Trade in Early Deerfield”


Morrill, Matthew: “ ‘A Consumation Devoutly to Be Wished’: The Removal of Deerfield’s Utility Poles”

Spiegel, Margaret: “Looking West: The Perceptions of the American Midwest in the Courtship Letters of Edward Wells Colton and Susan Heard”

Swisher, Kate: “‘A Miniature Woman’: ‘Little Mary’ Hawks and Physical Difference in Nineteenth-Century Deerfield”

Teachout, Jenna: "The Walpole Society: A Century of Gentlemen Collectors”

Young, Andrew:  “‘Costume-Early Eighteenth Century’: A Comparison of C. Alice Baker’s Colonial Ball with Deerfield’s 1913 Historical Pageant”

Zagarino, Victoria: “1956-1972: The Journey Toward the Acceptance of Women into the Historic Deerfield Summer Fellowship Program”


Drake, Clint: “William Barnard and the Settlements of the Eastern Townships of Quebec Province”

Eskridge, Caryne: “The Doctor Thomas Williams House: Structural Symbolism and the River Gods”

Jahrling, Ashley: “Mulberry Mania and Silk Fever: Connecticut River Valley Sericulture from 1820-1850”

Kalvaitis, Jennifer:  “Suffrage and Scandal: Women and Machine Politics in the 1893 Deerfield School Committee Election”

McCoy, Laura: “‘How Can a Slave Perform the Duties of a Husband to a Wife or Parent to his Child?’: Fornication, Family and Slavery in 17th and 18th-Century Puritan Massachusetts”

Richardson, Laurel: “Preserving ‘The Majesty of the People’: Deerfield’s Conservative Role in Shays’s Rebellion,1786-1787”

Swanson, Danielle: “Deerfield’s Dower Thirds: A Look at 18th-Century Widow’s Rights and Experiences”


Becker, Annette: "Hair-itage of Deerfield: Wigs and Hairdressing in the 18th Century” (David Hoyt and wigmaking in Deerfield)

Garland, Katherine: "Reverend Robert Crawford: Faithful Friend and Minister for God"

(Diaries of Rev. Robert Crawford, minister of Calvinist Congregational Church, Deerfield, 1850-1870)

Halbert, Philippe: "'For Face He Can See None': The Sale and Symbolism of Masks in Colonial Deerfield"

(Ladies’ full-face masks and their ownership and use in Deerfield 1720-1750)

McGinley, Thomas: "Yankee Soldier With a Cause: The Spiritual Life and Letters of Myron Stowell"

(Civil War letters of orderly Myron Stowell, South Deerfield)

McKinney, Katherine: "The Prophet of Frizell Hill: The Scandalous Shoes of William Dorril"

(William Dorrell and the Dorrellites, a short-lived utopian community in Leyden, MA, 1785-1800)

Speers, Laura: "The Deerfield Daisy" Manuscript newspaper, “The Deerfield Daisy,” 1880s, created by two 10-year-old girls in Old Deerfield)

Wertz, Casey: "The Improved Order of Red Men: Wigwams, Wampum, and the Connecticut Valley Red Men"


Bachman, Ryan: “John Mosley and the Closure of the Hampshire County Courthouse”

Fleming, Lauren: “ ‘Seek Science in Her Coy Abode’: The Medical Botany of Steven West Williams”

Keene, Betsy: “ ‘To Speak Fearlessly Our Sentiments’: The Greenfield Publishing Business of Ansel Phelps”

Krom, Stephanie:  “No One Much Cared”: Specie Counterfeiting and Community Support in 1780s Hampshire County”

Turnmire, Rebekah: “Tobacco in Vogue: Commercial Adaptation of Connecticut Valley Tobacco,1860s-1901”

Unverferth, Abigail: “The Image of the Carver: Identity and Ideology in Carved Powder Horns by Jacob Gay: 1759-1777”


Botello, John: “Gothic Revivalism and 19th Century Suburbanization: A Study of the J.F. Moors House”

Dalton, Kyle: “Do Not Lose Your Heart: Education, Grieving and Gender in New England from 1800-1830”

Florio, Emma: “Before Deerfield: The World War I Letters of Henry N. Flynt”

Klein, Carl: “On the Common of Old Deerfield”

Lehrhaupt, Madison: “Hoyt on the Northern Campaign of 1777: Creating a National Identity”

Little, Courtney: “Seeing Britain: The Travel Memoirs of Revs. John Williams and Robert Crawford”

Newcomb, Daniel: “’Comfort me with apples’: Production, Consumption, and Evolution of Cider in Deerfield, 1750-1830”


Boudreau, John:  “We Aim at Once to Profit and to Please: Printing in Greenfield and Deerfield, 1790-1820”

Costley, Kaitlin:  “A “Deplorable Class of Sufferers: Lovina Witherell, A Case of Remediless Lunacy”

Fisher, Laura: “The Root of a Movement: The Development of Recreational Botany in the Connecticut River Valley”

Muir, Elizabeth: “The Importance of Being Elite: Imported Goods and the Ideologies of Display in the Early Republic”

Reilly, Noelle: “Shawl” Covered Up: Shawls as Accessories of Modesty in the Connecticut River Valley, 1790-1820”

Wells, Emily: “Fallen Soldiers, Lamented Sons: Death, Mourning, and the Soldier’s Monument in Deerfield”


Baerman, Brooke: "Flights of Fancy and Imagined Landscapes in Historic Deerfield’s Clayton’s Ascent Bandbox"

Lachtrup, Gabrielle: " 'One Blood to Dwell On the Face of the Earth:' Deerfield Revisits Its Abenaki Descendants"

Quigley, Katherine: " 'In what miseries are men involved by vice:' Illicit Sexuality in Fact and Fiction"

Rothman, Jacob: "Overflowing the Mold: Justin Hitchcock’s Autobiography and the American Revolution"

Sackett, Emily: " 'One on Whom the Shadows Have Fallen:' Harriet Hitchcock and the Experiment of Nineteenth-Century Mental Health Care"

Vesnaver, Vernonica: "Franklin County Goes to Sea: A Study of the Canning Family Sailors in the Great Age of Sail"