SFP 2015 Research Paper Topics

Over the course of the program, each Summer Fellow is required to write a 25+-page research paper. Students conduct research on a topic of their choice relating to the history of the Connecticut River Valley, drawing on the extensive archives in the Memorial Libraries and the artifacts of Historic Deerfield and the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association. Covering diverse topics, this year's papers ranged from an in-depth analysis of illustrations on a bandbox in the Historic Deerfield collection; gender roles and illicit sexuality in literature and in the lives of Deerfield  residents in the 18th century; perceptions of mental illness in a rural community at the turn of the 20th century; the American Revolution through the eyes of a local artisan; the lure of the sea among brothers living in a Franklin County town;  and a study of  the 19th-century reception of Abenaki descendants of a Deerfield captive taken in a raid  on the town in 1704.  Below are the titles of the papers written by the Summer Fellowship class of 2015. For a complete list of topics from 2005-2015, click here.

Brooke Baerman: “Flights of Fancy and Imagined Landscapes in Historic Deerfield’s Clayton’s Ascent Bandbox”

Gabrielle Lachtrup: “One Blood to Dwell On the Face of the Earth:” Deerfield Revisits Its Abenaki Descendants”

Katherine Quigley:”’In what miseries are men involved by vice:’ Illicit Sexuality in Fact and Fiction”

Jacob Rothman: Overflowing the Mold: Justin Hitchcock’s Autobiography and the American Revolution

Emily Sackett: “ 'One on Whom the Shadows Have Fallen:’ Harriet Hitchcock and the Experiment of Nineteenth-Century Mental Health Care”

Vernonica Vesnaver: “Franklin County Goes to Sea: A Study of the Canning Family Sailors in the Great Age of Sail”